Basic Design is a course preparing the students to the following design studios. This course which evaluates the human factor within the design process includes abstract as well as concrete stages. Hence, this course intends to help students to produce abstract thoughts within a system understanding through the contribution of concrete decisions and boundaries. Furthermore, this course provides students the opportunities of being a team that displays the soul and atmosphere of the studio, presenting his/her own originality as an efficient member of this team, complementing each other, and developing personal strategies for learning different methodologies from each other. To do this, the course is based on the jury system.

This course stands on two basic educational principles. First, for each given problem, all students are expected to share their thoughts and to develop their individual ideas and inputs step by step. Second, for each problem, students are asked for attaining the overall success by learning and using the scientific findings and methodologies, and by sharing the whole work and its responsibilities with each other. Thus, students are able to display their individual performances and experience teamwork. Within this framework, the academic staff of the course attempts to create paths for abstract and concrete thinking through questions produced and/or to plan the meaningful sequence of decision-making stages in the learning process of students.

In this course, five different assignments and three sketch problems are offered. At the end of the semester, through the whole set of assignments and sketch problems, students are expected to bring in the perception of a multi-dimensional approach for examining the relationship between human factor and spatial organization, to help them in identifying their roles in their professional life, and to attain an adaptable abstract-concrete basis for each situation that they faced with in their lives,